Dragons and Ginkgos and Chocolate, Oh, My!

PeaceLoveGardenYes – we’re alive and well!

I’ll admit – retiring from a 30+ year career in education, selling one home in the deep woods and buying another in the center of an arboretum, and then moving to said new nest can keep a person busy. Toss in the largest downsizing project in the history of art supplies (OK – he’s right… it was much more talking about downsizing than actually getting rid of things) and a rotator cuff repair (remember all of those heavy bins full of art supplies?) and we’re talking about some major life changes.

The best news is that the new home is perfect, the neighbors are fabulous, my home studio has come together, and I not only have access to a lovely teaching venue, but I live closer to many of my students. I couldn’t be happier, and the time and space to wallow with wild abandon (read: play) in my art is priceless.

It’ll take some time to bring this website up to date, but now that I’ve gotten started on it, it’ll come. In the meantime, check back by from time to time. Let’s enjoy this summer sunshine!

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