Take a Class

Are you interested in learning how to tangle? The best way to learn is to take a class from a certified teacher. I traveled to Whitinsville, MA in October of 2009 to attend a certification class in the art of Zentangle from its creators, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Our classes were held in a beautiful old retreat center that dates from 1890.  The days were full of techniques, materials, patterns, and the lovely philosophy behind Zentangles – straight from Maria and Rick.  It’s been an amazing journey and I love teaching others. If you’d like to join me, there are several options for you.

Tangle With a Friend

Gather several friends together for a couple of hours. I’ll bring all the materials you need and teach a class in a setting of your choice – your dining room table, the meeting room at your workplace, or your clubhouse.  Zentangle travels anywhere!

Group Lessons

$30 per student (for groups of five or more) – 2 1/2 hour class

Fee includes materials kit of Micron 01 Drawing Pen, 4 official Zentangle tiles, (heavy Italian paper, die-cut, 3.5 inches) and a soft lead pencil for shading.

Private Lessons

$35 per student – 2 1/2 hour class

Health, Therapeutic, and Non-Profit Settings

Please contact me for information and fees.