We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. – Benjamin Franklin

Zentangles® are fascinating structures. I can’t remember the first time I ran across a mention of the art form but I quickly found my way to collections of images on the Net and then into the zentangle.com website. I was intrigued by what I saw. As I read through the newsletters that Maria and Rick shared I found ideas for designs that were beautiful. After playing with what I’d found for a few days I realized I needed more information – more tools. When my kit arrived I was hooked. I tucked it into my shoulder bag (thank you, mail order company from Vermont with cool, roomy bags) and carried it around with me everywhere. Waiting in the doctor’s office, Crescent Moon; standing in line at the library for tax advice, Poke Root; sitting at the train tracks while the Simpson’s train clacks by, Shattuck.

I shared what I’d found with a friend or two and the daughters of one of my colleagues as they waited for her after school. Everyone had as much fun as I was having and without exception, everyone created artwork they loved and, best of all – had fun doing it. I practiced, taught some of my art students to draw tangles, and, when a notice appeared in the online newsletter, signed up for the certification training in Massachusetts.

Join me! There are several ways you can learn the most entertaining method of drawing on the planet. Take a look at the gallery and stop by my class schedule on the menu above. Come play – you’ll love it.

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